Matt Laminate Lamination is the application of a plastic film which adds a layer of protection to your printing. Matt laminate is a soft, smooth finish that adds a luxurious and elegant finish.
Gloss Laminate Lamination is the application of a plastic film which adds a layer of protection to your printing. Gloss laminate is a shiny, highly reflective finish that lifts colours and photos.
Spot UV Spot UV is a screen printed high gloss finish which can be applied to selected spots to enhance or highlight the printing. Spot UV can run to bleed.
Raised Spot UV Raised Spot UV is as above, but is a high build, textured finish which can also run to bleed.
Foiling Hot stamp foiling is the process of imprinting a highly shiny foil onto the surface of your printing. Available in Silver or Gold in our ganged matt laminated print runs, or contact us for a bespoke quote if a different colour or stock option is required.
Metallic Ink Add a metallic ink to your print work with either PMS 877 Silver or PMS 871 Gold. A cheaper alternative to foiling, the metallic inks reflect light to give your printing a distinctive sheen.
Round Corners Available on any of our business card options, round cornering is the process of die cutting the normally square corners to give them a curved appearance. 11 different dies are available to suit a variety of sizes.
Scoring Scoring is the process of creasing card stocks to allow for easy folding, and to reduce cracking on the folds.
Perforating Perforation is a series of punched holes in a direct line. Perforate a variety of different paper or card stocks to allow the stock to be torn or folded easier.
Die Cutting Die cutting is a method of cutting your card or paper stock into a specific shape using a metal cutting knife. We already have 19 different types of presentation folder dies ready to use - or contact us for a quote on a specific die required for your project.


Saddle Stitching Saddle stitching is a binding method using a metal wire (staple) on the fold of a booklet. This method allows for the booklet to sit flat when opened. Best used for a smaller amount of pages (64pp and under) - this is the most cost effective way to bind your booklet or catalogue.
PUR Binding PUR Binding is a form of perfect binding, where the pages and cover are glued together at the spine. PUR binding uses a strong glue to give maximum strength. This form of binding is better suited to a higher number of pages.
Wiro Binding Wiro Binding is another form of binding perfect for larger page counts. Coated metal wires are looped through punched holes at the spine. The advantage of wiro binding over PUR binding is that the document is able to lay flat when open.
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