Buffalo Board Stock Information


With its clean, distinctive and natural look, Buffalo Board will open a world of opportunities for your printing needs.

This low density, high yield product has a unique two-ply design giving it outstanding strength and durability. Made from natural kraft fibres that are fully recyclable, it is also manufactured carbon neutral.

The front of the stock is the smoother side, and the back is the rougher side (see below PDFs to view).

Buffalo Board is a highly versatile and cost effective board.

CMYK colours will soak deeply into the porous stock so keep in mind colours will vary greatly from printing on white stocks.

Key features

  • Made carbon neutral
  • PEFC certified
  • Great strength and durability
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Low density with a high yield
  • Minimum 18% recycled fibre from pre-consumer waste
  • Unbleached natural brown kraftboard with unique two-ply design

Environmental credentials

Buffalo Board is PEFC certified, using fibres sourced from responsibly managed forests and contains minimum 18% of carefully selected, clean industrial pre-consumer recycled content. Made carbon neutral from raw material to exit mill door and in a facility accredited with SFI and ATFS certificates. Where possible, mill reduces energy generated by using biomass (non-fossil) fuel.

Buffalo Front Front - Smooth (click to download)
Buffalo Back Back - Rough (click to download)

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